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Asphalt Repairs 

Seal Pro provides professional seal coating and asphalt repairs in Essex, Ontario. Seal coating is the most cost-effective way to keep your asphalt surfaces looking brand-new. A properly sealed asphalt driveway or parking lot protects you from costly repair and replacement costs and increases your property value by making sure it stays in good shape.

Benefits of Seal Coating

The best part about seal coating is that it is both effective and relatively inexpensive. Ultimately, the benefits of seal coating read loud and clear over the alternatives for keeping your asphalt in great condition. Seal Pro's seal coating keeps your asphalt looking brand-new even after prolonged periods of heavy use and anything Mother Nature may throw its way.

Asphalt, Asphalt Repairs in Essex, ON

Seal coating protects your new asphalt and saves you from having to perform costly repairs. It can also restore your damaged driveway or parking lot to like-new condition. We use only the highest quality materials to make sure your asphalt is always looking its best and to ensure your newly sealed surface stays in good shape long after we have finished the job.

Prevent Asphalt Decay

One of the most attractive coatings available for your driveway or parking lot is the strikingly black foundation of asphalt. Unfortunately, this beautiful dark color only lasts a short time. Weather and heavy use quickly chip away at your new surface and eventually render it an unattractive concrete-gray. The most viable solution to preventing asphalt decay is seal coating.

Seal coating your asphalt driveway or parking lot prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating the foundation, which wears the asphalt away. Potholes and cracking are also prevented after the seal coat is applied because the sealant protects your driveway from excess water and oil seeping into the pavement. With Seal Pro's signature seal coating service, we leave your property looking as pristine as the day the asphalt was set.

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